Archipelago and nature

Archipelago is near and easily reachable in Naantali. Get charmed by the world’s largest archipelago!

Island vacation in Naantali

Naantali is a city right next to and inside the arcipelago of South-West Finland where there are lots to see and experience. The coast of South-West Finland is a unique and beautiful destination. While you enjoy your holiday in Naantali, make sure that you get on a cruise and can explore the sights of achipelago from the sea.

The archipelago is only a stone’s throw away from Naantali old town. Naantali is a part of the Archipelago trail, which is popular way to explore the island area during summertime. The shorter Small Archipelago Trail goes also through Naantali and takes travellers from Naantali’s Rymättylä region to Nagu via Seili island.

Both archipelago trails are also popular among cyclists. Naantali operates as an excellent base for achipelago adventures and many choose to leave their motor vehicles in Naantali and tour the islands with bicycles. Visit Naantali rents bicycles during summer season.

Night of the Ancient Bonfires

The archipelago and nature of Naantali are strikingly beautiful year-round. The Night of the Ancient Bonfires, celebrated in late summer, adds its own element of mystery to the pleasures of the archipelago.

Ancient bonfires are lit around the archipelago on the last Saturday of August to signify the end of the summer season. They are also lit in memory of those who never returned from the sea. The Night of the Ancient Bonfires takes influence from another late summer celebration, the closing festivities of the Venetian villa season, which also has strong links with water and fire.

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