Accommodation in Naantali

Naantali is a must-go – at least once in a summer! There are lots of different kinds of accommodation possibilities in Naantali in addition to hotels and camping area. Cosy guesthouses, villas and B&B places invite you to stay overnight. Sweet dreams!

Hotels, apartments, cottages, villas and camping sites in Naantali

You can book tiny and cosy apartments in the heart of the Old Town. Some of the apartments are located outside the Old Town but still close to all the services. Apartments are fully-equipped and it is really easy to make e.g. breakfast in them. If you opt for more luxurious holiday have a look on Naantali hotels. Naantali Spa Hotel has been voted for Finland’s Leading Hotel in the World Travel Awards in 2019 and 2020. Luxurious Spa Hotel, Naantali Spa Residence and Kultaranta Resort which reflects the distinct Scandinavian architecture offer accommodation for high-quality seekers.

You can also spend a peaceful holiday in the archipelago or in lush countryside just a short drive from the Old Town in Naantali. There are first-rate villas, cabins and farms suitable for holidaymakers and meetings. There is also a camping site near Naantali central. Browse the options and make a booking!

Some of the accommodation can be booked online, and others are available by contacting Visit Naantali by telephone or email. Some accommodation providers accept bookings directly.

Why to stay in Naantali?

One must travel to Naantali – at least once in a summer. The charm of the town of wooden houses and seaside location are a guarantee for a storyful holiday. When you are searching for accommodation, check out the option in Naantali. There are options from cute little old town apartments to full-service hotels.

There is something for everybody in Naantali whether you are looking for a fun family time, shopping until you drop or just a relaxing atmosphere in a laid-back environment.

Moominworld is a must-see destination for families and couples enjoy the buzzing old town and guest harbour vibe when nature lovers find archipelago just around the corner. There are many cute boutiques in Naantali for you to explore and enjoying hearty meals full of local flavours in Naantali restaurants guarantee a successful holiday.

Famous spa city

Naantali Spa is voted for Finland’s Leading hote in World’s Travel Awards in 2019 and 2020.

Hotels in Naantali

Ranked the best hotel in Finland for its services and facilities, the Naantali Spa Hotel offers top-quality spa services and treatments as well as hotel, restaurant and conference services. Naantali Spa is an experience for all the senses. We wish you a warm welcome to Finland’s best hotel.

Naantali’s Kultaranta Resort, with its magnificent archipelago surroundings, offers a unique setting for leisure activities, meetings and parties. Atmospheric premises, a high-class restaurant and stylish accommodations guarantee the satisfaction of our visitors. Ample opportunities for exercise and recreation are an integral part of the memorable experience.

Apartments in the middle of the idyll of Naantali’s old town

Naantali has charming apartments which are located in old wooden houses in the middle of Naantali old town. There are also options outside the old town but still near all the services. The apartments are for independent traveler and where it is easy to make your own meals. Some of the apartments have a sauna. During summer time travellers can enjoy breakfast also in the old town restaurants.

Bookings and more information

You can book some of the accommodation from Visit Naantali online booking system or by sending an email to Visit Naantali office or making a call. Some accommodation options are only bookable directly with accommodation provider.