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Herrankukkaro – Archipelago spa and sauna

Herrankukkaro works hand in hand with nature

Herrankukkaro is a conference and recreational centre built in an old fisherman’s homestead whose core ethos is environmental responsibility. Herrankukkaro or “Mama’s pocket” is known for its beautiful setting in the heart of the archipelago, the world’s largest underground smoke sauna, outdoor baths, dozens of conference rooms and activities, luxury birdhouse accommodations and tasty archipelago food.

Herrankukkaro has not only seen over 100,000 visitors in a quarter century, but its unique and sustainable setting has also hosted various state visits, distinguished guests and international media.

The power of story has always been essential to Herrankukkaro. A good story takes the audience on a journey that cannot be made via any vehicle. Combining stories and authentic archipelago cuisine creates a product that captures the senses and imagination of customers.

Herrankukkaro is primarily a conference and recreational centre, but individuals can also enjoy the popular smoke sauna events, among many other things. You will not find a better sauna in the whole archipelago!

Herrankukkaro has also innovated several award-winning responsible travel products. If you are looking for genuine eco-friendly activities in the archipelago, look no further.

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