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Stories of the Old Town and Secrets of the Monastery Church – a guided tour

Vanhankaupungin tarinat ja luostarikirkon salat -opastuksen kuvituskuva, jossa Naantalin kirkon torni näkyy puiden lehvien läpi.

Discover the fascinating history of the almost 600-year-old city

On the guided tour “Tales of the Old Town and Secrets of the Monastery Church” you will hear stories about the life of nuns and monks in the shadow of a medieval monastery, as well as interesting tales from the narrow alleys of the Old Town.

Stories of the Old Town and Secrets of the Monastery Church – a guided tour

On this tour, you will hear interesting stories about the past life of the almost 600-year-old city. The tour includes a visit to Naantali Church, a unique sight in Finland, located next to the Old Town. The church was built in the 1460s and 1480s as the church of a Catholic Birgitta monastery and is the only remaining building of the monastery. Naantali Church is the largest medieval stone church in Finland after Turku Cathedral.

The guided tour also includes a visit to the colourful old wooden houses – the beautiful Old Town is an absolute must-see in Naantali! In the narrow, fascinating alleys of the Old Town, you will step back in time centuries and learn about Naantali’s special inhabitants, the famous Naantali sun and the golden age of the spa.

Dates and tickets

Guided tours will be organised in the Old Town as a regular feature during the summer season from 24.6.-7.8.2024 on Mondays and Wednesdays. The tours start at 16:00 and depart from the front of Visit Naantali.

Price 12 € / person

The tour lasts 1.5 h. Guidance is in Finnish, with summaries in Swedish and English.

Book a private guided tour

Guided tours can also be booked as private tours for groups of all sizes throughout the year.

Price from 145 € / guide