Tips for Naantali nature and outdoor recreation destinations

Tips for Naantali nature and outdoor recreation destinations

Get tips on Naantali’s nature and outdoor attractions and make the most of an active holiday in Naantali!

Enthusiasm for outdoor activities in maritime Naantali

Naantali is located at the heart of the Finnish archipelago, and the area comprises thousands of islands. Beautiful archipelago nature is full of wonders, ferry trips, high rocks and bright seas. Interesting nature sites can be found right in the vicinity of Naantali’s wooden house town. Read the best tips for nature and outdoor activities in the archipelago in Naantali.

Beaches in Naantali

There are several swimming areas near the centre of Naantali. The largest and most popular one is the Nunnalahti beach located behind the abbey church, near the bridge leading to Moominworld. The swimming area has a sandy beach and the water deepens slowly. Nunnalahti beach is popular among families.

On the island of Kailo, where the Moominworld is located, there’s another beach. The beach is located outside the Moominworld area, and you can reach it along the outdoor trail on one side of the island.

The Kuparivuori swimming area is located in the middle of the rocks, on the Old Town seaside. The shore is rocky and you can swim from the pier. The shore is very deep, as it is along the boatway to Naantali. This swimming area is not recommended for families with young children. The beach is a different type of swimming area in the middle of rugged rocks and is suitable for those with strong swimming skills. You can take the stairs to the beach.

The Kalevanniemi swimming area is located next to the Naantali Spa Hotel. The beach has a sandy beach with beach volleyball courts and outdoor exercise equipment near it. In addition, the services of the Spa Hotel are available, and while swimming, it’s nice to have an ice cream at the Spa Hotel Lobby Café.

Nunnalahti beach is a popular swimming spot both in summer and winter.

Dog parks and pet beaches in Naantali

Do you have dog buddies on your holiday? Naantali also has its own beaches and dog parks for our four-legged best friends.

Nature and fitness trails in Naantali

Naantali has various nature and fitness trails that run in different terrains. Take a mountain bike or wear comfortable footwear and explore the trails:

There is a 1.6 km illuminated fitness track in Luonnonmaa, and there is a lean-to shelter along the trail. Suovuori has a 4 km illuminated track, Merimasku has a 2.2 km track and Rymättylä has a 1.5 km one.

Picnic spots in Naantali

The location of Naantali on the shores of the wonderful sea means that there are nice picnic places all around the town of sun. In the vicinity of the Old Town of Naantali, the most popular picnic sites are the lush Church Park next to the Naantali Abbey Church and the Kuparivuori rocky area that embraces the Old Town of Naantali.

Naantali Church Park is significant in its history, as already during the original clay spa, spa customers have been urged to refresh by walking calmly in the park. Today, the Church Park is still a popular recreational area, and many people like resting on the lawn, enjoying a picnic, games or reading. Stop and admire the giant poplar next to the Visit Naantali office or come enjoy the fun programme on 27 July, when Sleepyhead Day’s versatile programme takes over the Church Park.

Another memorable place to enjoy a picnic with magnificent views is the rocks of Kuparivuori right next to the Old Town of Naantali. There are many suitable places for a picnic on the rocks, and the landscapes are certainly the best in Naantali. From the rocks of Kuparivuori hill, you can see the shores of the Kultaranta garden, the island of Moominworld and the Old Town of Naantali. You can also observe boats gliding past and traffic on the Ukkopekka bridge. There is a long drop from the rugged rocks to the Gulf of Naantali, so care should be taken.

Children’s playgrounds in Naantali

Naantali has many children’s playgrounds maintained by the city. Playgrounds take into account comfort and safety, and they are designed so that they are next to green areas. All Naantali playgrounds have basic play equipment such as a swing and a sandbox and a varying number of climbing and sliding equipment.

Steamship s/s Ukkopekka archipelago adventure for the whole family

A maritime experience in Naantali is provided by steamship s/s Ukkopekka, which makes day cruises between Naantali and Turku during the summer season from Tuesday to Saturday. Steamship s/s Turku was built in 1938. During its long history, the ship has served as an inspection vessel for safe shipping, a pilot examination vessel, and it was even used by the Finnish Navy during the war, where it had exciting assignments as an escort vessel. In fact, steamship s/s Ukkopekka is the last running vessel that has participated in both the Winter War and the Continuation War.

After many phases, narrowly avoiding dismantling, the vessel returned to its home port on the banks of the River Aurajoki as steamship s/s Ukkopekka. The vessel has cosy restaurant facilities in two saloons, and many foreign presidents and other personages, such as Tove Jansson, Arvo Ylppö and Bill Murray, have travelled on board.

In other words, steamship s/s Ukkopekka is an attraction to experience. A day cruise from Naantali to Turku takes less than two hours, and you can admire the beautiful archipelago landscapes along the journey. The atmosphere of the steamship is unrivalled, and the whole family will enjoy its soft ride. The vessel also serves a tasty buffet lunch with marine delicacies. More information on cruises on steamship s/s Ukkopekka can be found on the ship’s destination page and at

Archipelago trails

Naantali is located in the archipelago, a convenient distance from complete maritime tranquillity and the pulse of the city of Turku. Naantali is a wonderful combination of a peaceful archipelago atmosphere and an event-rich summer of tourism. As a result, Naantali is a great stopping point or resting place when you go explore the secrets of the archipelago.

There are two interesting routes in the Finnish archipelago that can be implemented either as a day trip or as an excursion of several days.

The small archipelago trail is approximately 100 kilometres long, while the Archipelago trail is about 250 kilometres long. The Small archipelago trail can be toured comfortably in a few hours, but it’s a good idea to book an appointment for the Archipelago trail, so that you can stay overnight along the way.

Life in the archipelago is relaxed and full of wonder. The unbelievable landscapes, the flickering sea and the ships, archipelago bridges, boat and ferry trips will certainly be remembered by the whole family.

Sariola Experience Stables

Sariola Experience Stables are located on the island of Otava just over 10 kilometres from the centre of Naantali. At Sariola Experience Stables, horse enthusiasts can take part in riding lessons, and there are also mini pony lessons with a walker available.