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Askainen-Lemu -cycling route | 3 hours

Askaisten valkoinen kirkko Askaisten maalaismaisemissa.

Askainen-Lemu -cycling route | 3 hours

Take a ride on your bike and enjoy the rural landscape and maritime atmosphere. The route also offers interesting historical sights, e.g Finland’s most magnificent manor house, Louhisaari.  

Askainen-Lemu -pyöräilyreitin karttakuva.

Information about the cycle route

Length: approx. 52 km

Duration: 3 hours.

Difficulty: Medium. The terrain between Merimasku and Lemu is hilly. The other half of the route from Lemu to Naantali is almost flat.

Tips: If you want to enjoy the archipelago even longer, this route can easily be combined with the Velkuanmaa route.

Naantali – Merimasku

First, go from Torikatu to Lappalaistenkatu. Secondly go along a gravel cycle path to Kuparivuori, and then you ride along the Ukko-Pekka bridge to the island of Luonnonmaa. Don’t pedal too fast, so you won’t miss the stunning scenery. Head towards the Luonnonmaa road, located next to the Kultaranta kiosk. See what the kiosk has to offer:, you will soon pass Kultaranta, the summer residence of Finland’s President. The castle gardens are open to visitors, but is closed for renovation during the summers of 2023 and 2024. The cycle path passes under Rymättyläntie and continues via Kultaranta Resort to Porhonkallio beach. Kultaranta Resort, offers a wide range of services, including snacks for all tastes. The Porho Bar & Grill restaurant on Porhonkallio beach serves food. Check out the delicious menu: After the beach, cross the Särkänsalmi bridge on the new cycle path. You can have a picnic on Särkkä island. In the island you find Särkkä Grill. Check the opening hours of Särkkä Grill:

Once you have crossed the road to the island of Otava, head towards Merimasku, which is about four kilometres from the crossroads. Soon after the junction, you will see Lake Taattistenjärvi on your left. On the shores of the lake, just 500 metres from Merimaskuntie, is Taattisten Tila. It’s worth to go for a quick visit to enjoy the delicacies served in the café, made from local ingredients. The farm also has farm accommodation, an art gallery and a petting zoo where you can see chickens, ducks, bunnies and sheep. For more information:

In Merimasku, it is worth stopping to see the wooden church of Merimasku, dating from 1726. Check the church’s opening hours: The restaurant Rantamakasiini is located near the church, right on the waterfront, where you can find delicious food and snacks. Here you will find a tasty menu: Rantamakasiini also hosts an art exhibition during the summer. The marina also offers mini golf.

Merimasku – Askainen

From Merimasku go to the Kirkonsalmi bridge, which offers eye-catching views of Merimasku harbour and Kirkonsalmi strait. At the end of the bridge, you must move to the edge of the roadway. The road is in poor condition and traffic is heavy in summer, so be careful! The terrain is anything but flat and boring – with tight climbs and fast descents one after the other. After a little bit over three kilometres, the Merimaskuntie road turns right. The route continues straight on along the asphalted Rauduistentie road and from there to Velkuantie road. You’ll be pedalling in beautiful field scenery. Along the Rauduistentie road, less than a kilometre from the Merimaskuntie junction, you will find a Länstalo farm stall, where you can buy for example strawberries, raspberries and peas in summer. Click here for the locations of the stalls: Note! If you wish, you can turn to Merimaskuntie road and pedal on the gravel road along the seafront, saving you three kilometres.

Askainen Church, Louhisaari Castle and the Knight Park

The route runs right next to the Askainen church. The current appearance of the church dates back to the mid-17th century. The stone church of Askainen was originally built as a chapel church of
Louhisaari Manor. One of Finland’s star attractions, the Louhisaari Manor Castle is located at the end of the sand road, two kilometres from the church. This baroque castle was built by Herman Klaunpoika Fleming in the mid-17th century. At the end of the 1700s, the castle passed into the hands of the Mannerheim family. The sixth President of Finland, Marshal Mannerheim, was born in Louhisaari. The Mannerheim burial chapel can be found in the cemetery next to the church. The Louhisaari manor house can be visited independently or on a guided tours. For more information: In addition to pastries, the castle café serves lunch from Mother’s Day to August, with a festive lunch table on Sundays. Check opening hours:

Opposite the church is the Knight Park. In the park, which was erected in honour of Knight of the Mannerheim Cross, there is a black granite memorial stone for each of the 191 knights. The last surviving knight, Tuomas Gerdt (number 95), passed away at the end of 2020. Read more: The annual Cucumber Market, held on the second Saturday of August, draws a large crowd to Askainen. The village of Askainen has a great place to take a break, the gastropub Askaisten Holvi, which also has a country shop specialising in local products. Check out the Holvi in advance:

Askainen – Lemu

It is seven kilometres from Askainen to Lemu. The winding and hilly road is fun to drive. The stone church dedicated to St. Olaf in Lemu was built between 1460 and 1480 and has preserved its medieval appearance exceptionally well. Next to the Lemu church is Kemppien tupa, originally built as a parish granary. Nowadays the building is a local history museum. It is open on summer Sundays. Check the museum’s opening hours:

Lemu –Naantali Old town

The journey continues along the edge of the busy Kustavintie road, luckily the road is wide enough to prevent cars from driving past too close. About a kilometre from the Lemu junction is the Lemun Portti Grill kiosk. See for up-to-date information. During strawberry season, there is a Isotalo strawberry stand in the courtyard.

After 4.5 km, you get back on the cycle path at the Wanha Nestori flea market. The flea market offers some interesting bargains and a café for a little refreshment. You can find the exact address and opening hours of the flea market here: The stretch of about 5 km from Nestori to Immanen is open terrain, the wind can be fierce. Four kilometres from Nestori, a memorial stone to the Varjonen brothers has been erected on the right-hand side of the road to commemorate the tremendous sacrifice of one family. All seven of the Varjonen brothers fought in the Winter and Continuation Wars, four were killed and two returned home as war invalids. As a result of the tragedy, the last one of the brothers was released from the front line.

From the roundabout in Immanen you can get to Naantali Aurinko-Golf via Vengantie road. During the golf season, the restaurant Venka serves buffet lunch in addition to à la carte dishes. You can also stop by just to admire the beautiful golf course. For more information:

You can also rent a suitable vehicle from Visit Naantali. Find out more about bike rental here!