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Bike rental at Visit Naantali

You see more on a bike!

Cycling is a great way of sightseeing in Naantali, and the town is also a convenient starting point for the Archipelago Trail.

Bike rental in Visit Naantali

Rent a bike from Visit Naantali and explore the surrounding archipelago – pop in to do some shopping, drop by Kultaranta, pedal to Louhisaari Manor, or cycle the entire Archipelago Trail!

The prices for bike rental are below. Bikes are provided by Carfield Oy based in Turku.

You can browse biking routes in Visit Naantali website. The routes vary from easygoing to intermediate and from a few kilometers to days-long biking adventures.

Organized biking tours

Visit Naantali also organises independent bike trips along the Archipelago Trail as well as to Utö and all the way to Åland Islands. Give us a call or email us for more information. Our website also offers more information on the different alternatives and has maps for all route descriptions, which you can print out or download onto your phone.

Route options for cyclists in Naantali

Explore these route suggestions, which vary between 13 and110 km in length.

Luonnonmaa island routes

Luonnonmaa island is located next to Naantali central and the way there goes across the Ukkopekka bridge. The way to deeper to archipelago routes goes through Luonnonmaa and there are some great biking options in the area.

13 km / flat terrain / 1–2 h

Along the route you will witness picturesque archipelago countryside. The route travels partly along gravel roads through scenic landscapes on Luonnonmaan. You will cycle past numerous old farm houses with their impressive yards. Take a detour to Haijainen nature trail and barbecue sausages. At Villa Farm half-way through your journey, you can swim and admire the coastal scene. The rest of the journey to Naantali centre continues on the same road.


16 km / flat terrain / 2-4 h

This route conveys the atmosphere of the archipelago. Along the route, you’ll have a chance to see Naantali Old Town and Kuparivuori hill, attend a guided tour in Kultaranta Garden (p. 15) and admire the magnificent archipelago scenery from Särkänsalmi bridge. Kultaranta Resort provides a tasty lunch. Bar Porho in Marina and Särkkä kiosk sell drinks, and from there, you can turn back to the centre. The terrain is mostly flat so the route suits all cycling abilities.


50 km / variable terrain / 3-6 h

This route is better suited to those looking for a slightly more challenging cycle. It takes you through beautiful archipelago scenery via Merimasku, Askainen, Lemu and Masku and back to Naantali. Along the route, you can witness the gorgeous scenery opening from a number of bridges and admire traditional countryside landscapes as well as Louhisaari Manor and take part on a guided tour of Kultaranta Garden. There are many pleasant places along the route for taking a break.

Small Archipelago trail

110 km / vaihteleva / 1-3 päivää

This longer cycle route is a magnificent way to experience the archipelago and witness the local way of life. The route leaves from the centre of Naantali and the journey (25 km) to Hanka in Rymättylä is very hilly.

The journey takes you on a traditional short ferry crossing and onboard a commuter vessel on an hour’s journey from Hanka to Nagu (check the timetable in advance). From Nagu, you will be travelling along flatter terrain. A ferry from Nagu to Pargas takes in more magnificent archipelago scenery.

The route from Pargas back to Naantali is along cycle roads next to sometimes busy traffic. Overnight accommodation can be found in Nagu or Pargas.