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Kultaranta Garden

Kultaranta Garden

The Kultaranta Garden’s 16-hectare park can be called a Finnish version of Versailles park. The landscaped garden is adorned with several flower gardens, pergolas, gazebos, fountains and “diplomatic pathways” lined with spruce fences.

Kultaranta Garden is one of the most significant garden attractions in Naantali and the whole of Finland. Read more about the history of Kultaranta and the possibilities to visit the garden below.

From a gorgeous private villa to the summer residence of Finland’s president

The impressive granite villa of Kultaranta was completed a year before Finland declared independence, in 1916, as a summer villa by Alfred Kordelin, a merchant and agricultural adviser. Architect Lars Sonck designed a 19-room granite villa, the construction of which began in 1914. Alfred Kordelin had time to spend only a few summers in Kultaranta before his tragic death, and after a while the residence passed to the Finnish state.

Today, the handsome Kultaranta villa on the shores of the Naantalinlahti bay is probably Finland’s most famous summer residence, as it has been the official summer residence of Finnish presidents since 1922. Thus, Naantali is rightly called the holiday capital of Finland.

Kultaranta Garden is one of the main attractions in Naantali and there travelers can admire the unique formal garden on guided walking tours.

The park to the north of Kultaranta has been preserved in its natural state, with great respect for the archipelago nature surrounding Kultaranta. In the Kultaranta area, there are about 1,000 square meters of greenhouses, which only Kultaranta staff can access. The garden produces both flowers and vegetables throughout the year.

The public walking tours are only held on the formal garden part of the park. No buildings will be visited during the tours.

Kultaranta garden public opening hours 2022

  • Kultaranta garden is open for private groups from 15 April till 31 August 2022. Entrance to garden only via pre-booking according to available times and in company of Visit Naantali guide. Please book well in advance tel. +358 2 435 9800 or
  • Kultaranta garden guided walking tours take place on Tue-Sun from 7 June till 31 August 2022.
  • Self-guided tours of the garden are possible during the summer season on Friday evenings from 18.00 until 20.00.

Kultaranta Garden is closed 2023-2024

Due to the renovation, Kultaranta Garden will be closed to the public after the summer season 2022 and will be reopened in the summer of 2025.

You still have time to see Finland’s most historic and significant garden destination in the summer of 2022!

Kultarannan puutarhan graniittinen suihkulähde, jossa pulppuaa vesi.

Accessibility in Kultaranta garden

The Kultaranta Garden has sandy or tiled walkways. There are a few steps to the pavilions and it is possible to use alternate route in order to avoid them. There are a few benches along the walkways.

The guide will use the microphone during the tour. If you are interested in guiding in plain language, please mention this when booking.

Visitors with guide dogs are welcome for the tour.

The disabled toilet is located in connection with the ticket sales building in the parking area of Kultaranta Garden.

It is recommended that people with reduced mobility bring their own mobility aids for the tour. No aids are available in the Kultaranta Garden.

Kultarannan muotopuutarhan keskikäytävä, kaksi suihkulähdettä ja iso paviljonki taustalla. Kuvaa reunastaa kuusiaidat ja kukkaistutukset. Taivas on pilivinen.

Arrival instructions to Kultaranta

How to get to Kultaranta? The address of Kultaranta Garden is Kordelininkatu, Naantali. There is a free parking area next to the garden gate, as well as a ticket sales building with rest rooms. Tours to the garden leave in front of the ticket sales building.

The distance from the center of Naantali to Kultaranta is about 2.5 kilometers.

There are a limited number of tickets for the tours. It is recommended to get your tickets in advance from the Visit Naantali webshop or from the Visit Naantali office in the old town of Naantali.