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Porhonkallio cycling route | 1 hour

Kuparivuoren jylhät kalliot Ukkopekan sillalta kuvattuna aurinkoisena päivänä.

Porhonkallio cycling route | 1 hour

Take a bike ride to explore the scenic island of Luonnonmaa. Along this leisure route you have a possibility to swim, so bring your swimsuit!

Porhonkallion pyöräilyreitin karttakuva.

Information about the cycle route

Length: approx. 13 km

Duration: 1 hour

Difficulty: Easy. The route is on a cycle path the whole way. There is one major hill on the route.

Tips: You can extend the route by also cycling the Kukola’s and Käkölä’s countryside route.

Old Town – Ukko-Pekka Bridge

You start from the Old Town, in front of the tourist information office. The most direct way to Kuparivuori is to pedal along Kaivokatu and then go up the steep hill of Kuparivuori. If you want to avoid the worst climbing, go from Mannerheiminkatu to Torikatu, then to Lappalaistenkatu, continue left onto the dirt road to Kuparivuorentie. Soon you will reach the Ukko-Pekka bridge leading to Luonnonmaa. Named after the third President of Finland, P.E. Svinhufvud, the arch bridge is an excellent place to stop and view the cliffs and beautiful seascape of Kuparivuori. You can also park your bike at Kuparivuori and climb up to the cliffs, where you have a great view of Naantalinsalmi and Kultaranta.

From Kultaranta to Porhonkallio

Shortly after the Ukko-Pekka bridge, turn right onto the Luonnonmaantie road to Kultaranta. At the junction you will find the Kultaranta kiosk, which offers snacks also for the bigger appetites. See what the kiosk has to offer: The cycle path runs right next to the Kultaranta. The granite castle, built by businessman Alfred Kordelin and designed by architect Lars Sonck, is now the summer residence of the President of Finland. The castle gardens are open to visitors but is closed for renovation during the summers of 2023 and 2024. Luonnonmaantie is safe to drive on, as the cycle path passes through a tunnel under the busy Rymättyläntie road.

The route takes you through the rural landscapes, right next to the golf course. If you get hungry, you can stop lunch in Kultaranta Resort at the clubhouse or try the famous gourmet pizzas at the Heineken House restaurant. After the Kultaranta Resort there’s a down hill to Porhonkallion beach, the trail’s turning point. Here it’s nice to take a dip in the sea and cool off. After a swim, you can sit on the sun terrace of the beachside Porho Bar & Grill for refreshments and to view the magnificent yachts of the Kultaranta Marina

If you have the time and energy, it’s worth to visit by the Särkänsalmi Bridge, less than a kilometre away. A brand new cycle path leads across the bridge, so you can take your time and enjoy the stunning archipelago scenery. Halfway across the bridge is the island of Särkkä, where is a small kiosk during the summer. Check the kiosk opening hours: Särkkä has nice picnic spots on the cliffs, where you can view the beautiful archipelago scenery.

If you want to explore island nature also by hiking, just after the Särkänsalmi bridge you can visit the Kultaranta Kuru nature trails. Map of nature trails: After the bridge, the Kalliotie dirt road turns left and you can follow it to the nature trails. Follow the dirt road for a few hundred metres and you will reach the starting point of the nature trails.

Through the housing fair area to Old Town

The return journey starts with the only uphill on the route. Less than a kilometre after Kultaranta Resort, a road called Lounatuuli turns right, which will take you to the 2022 Naantali Housing Fair area. It’s about 700 metres to get there. It is easy to cycle around and explore this peaceful and natural residential area, which reaches all the way to the shore of Matalalahti. The beach has sports area with a beach volleyball court, a petanque court and outdoor fitness equipment.

The trail passes next to the grocery, where you can pick up e.g ice cream. Check the location:   From the shop, the cycle path takes you alongside the Rymättyläntie road. You have to cross the Rymättyläntie at the Kultaranta junction. Remember to be careful!

The rest of the way follows the same route as when you arrived, so you can again enjoy the rugged cliffs and great sea views before arriving in Old Town.

You can also rent a suitable vehicle from Visit Naantali. Find out more about bike rental here!