Naantali’s restaurants and cafés

The flavours of Naantali is made of tastes of archipelago, delicious delicacies, exotic gourmet dishes, fresh and healthy locally produced food.

From local bites to fine dining in Naantali

Naantali’s location near country side and local producers shows on the plates of restaurants in Naantali. The famous new harvest potatoes of Rymättylä, the produce of organic farms, masterpieces of local bakeries, flavours of coffee roastery and local beer are delightful local specialities that should definitely be tasted while in Naantali!

Restaurants in Naantali follow the harvest calendar and cook up delicious, fresh and tasty dishes with local touch. In the archipelago the flavours of the sea are at their best. Archipelago-style delicacies, exotic gourmet flavours, fresh and healthy locally sourced food all make up Naantali’s culinary scene. You’re bound to find something you love!

Food ambassadors

Naantali’s own food ambassadors share their best tips for the local flavours. Read about ambassadors’ favourite foodie spots in Naantali and the high-quality local produce, which they use in their own cooking.

Riku Eerola, local Naantali citizen, eats in restaurants every week. He has tested all of the restaurants in Naantali and Turku – and there are over 600 of them!

Local producers

There are many local producers in Naantali and Naantali region and they produce high-quality products for the locals and travellers. Some of the farmers and producers have farm shops.