Naantali – stories worth telling for

Naantali is often called the sunshine town of Finland. It is conveniently located near Turku and its central location in the oldest part of the country makes it the favourite holiday spot for Finns and international guests alike. Did you know that even the president of Finland’s summer residence is situated in Naantali. You can see the villa from Naantali old town harbour and it is even possible to visit there via guided tour during the summer season. Naantali is also the official home town of Moomins, the beloved characters created by author Tove Jansson. Moomins have welcomed guests of all age to their home island in Naantali already several decades.



Naantali is located only 16 km from Turku, from where local busses operate frequently to Naantali. Turku is destination for many trains and busses from all around Finland. There is no direct line from Turku train station to Naantali but all of the bus lines to Naantali run next to Turku bus station.

Naantali nearby areas


Rymättylä is the gateway to the archipelago and there the traveller can enjoy the beauty of the sea and countryside. Rymättylä is especially known for its early summer potatoes and herring traditions.


Merimasku is conveniently located near Naantali and its cultural landscape with fields and forests is a worth seeing for. Enjoy the view from Särkänsalmi and Kirkonsalmi bridges.


Velkua area contains over 300 islands. Free of charge ferry operates every day and there are many route options to nearby islands. The most convenient way to Velkua is by car or bicycle.


Masku is the home of Louhisaari Manor house, Askainen church and Askainen Knight Park (Ritaripuisto). They all tell the stories of Finland’s history.


Askainen has some of the most significant sights of the area. Louhisaari Manor house is a piece of history that should not to be missed.


Oukkulanlahti bay is a destination for those interested in birds. It is located 25 km from Turku. Lemu’s sights include a medieval Lemu church.


Raisio has the closest shopping centre to Naantali and is known for its many walking routes. The road from Helsinki leads through Raisio and is passing by the shopping centre Mylly.