Commuter vessels on the Archipelago Trail

The ferry connections operate from Naantali to islands and archipelago. Connecting different route options traveller can make their way to archipelago ring trails and all they way to Åland islands.

Ferries to archipelago ring trails and Åland islands

You don’t necessarily need your own boat to reach the archipelago’s fascinating and barren outer islands as there are commuter vessels which will take you to the furthest inhabited islands. The ferries and most of the other vessels are free of charge.

Numerous islands in the archipelago are worth a visit, so don’t hesitate to embark on a voyage to see the harsh beauty of the islands and experience genuine archipelago life – residents of the islands use these very same vessels.

From Naantali to small archipelago trail

M/S Östern travels from Naantali Hanka harbour to Seili island and Nauvo making it possible to travel small arhcipelago ring trail.

M/S Östern has three daily departures from Hanka and Nauvo. Check the timetables on m/s Östern webpage.

Commuter vessels:


Local ferries:

Connections to Åland islands:

tel. +358 (0)18 525 100

Archipelago tourist information:

tel. +358 (0)400 117 123

Cycling in arhcipelago

The commuter vessels make it possible to travel different routes in the archipelago. Read more about the small archipelago by bicycle route description.