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Cliffs of Kuparivuori hill

Cliffs of Kuparivuori hill – Naantali’s Most Famous Lookout point

The cliffs of Kuparivuori (Copper Mountain in English) are located next to the old town of Naantali and are a startling place to visit. The views from the cliffs are magnificent over Naantali Bay, the Kultaranta Garden and villa, as well as Naantali Church and the Old Town.

The cliffs of Kuparivuori hill have always been a popular natural destination in Naantali. In summer, the sun-warmed cliffs are a great place to watch the travelling seafarers and surfing of the seagulls in the summer wind or listen to the sounds of the performances from the Moominworld. The fall from the cliffs into the sea is very steep, so caution should be exercised when navigating the Kuparivuori hill.

For many, the cliffs of Kuparivuori hill are the perfect place to enjoy nature and the peace, to read a good book or have a delicious picnic with friends.

Midsummer celebrations and love stories on the rocks of Kuparivuori hill

The cliffs of the Kuparivuori hill are also a gathering place for the people of Naantali. On Midsummer eve, the city of Naantali often sets fire to a Midsummer bonfire, which both the townspeople and tourists gather to watch on the rocks. At its best, you can admire two Midsummer bonfires from the rocks of Kuparivuori hill, as the President’s bonfire is often lit in front of the shore of Kultaranta garden in the Midsummer eve. According to tradition, the presidential bonfire is always lit first and only after that the Naantali City’s bonfire.

Traditional Midsummer dancing is also held on the dancing stage of the rocks. The famous Rakkaudenpolku pathway (Path of Love), named after the love stories of the young ladies of Naantali and the Russian officers, also climbs over the rocks of the Kuparivuori hill. Read more about the Path of Love.

Activities on the Kuparivuori hill

From the middle of the cliffs of Kuparivuori hill, stairs lead to a rocky beach. The boat route runs near the beach and the beach is quickly very deep, there is a swimming pier.

Kuparivuorentie road goes over the Kuparivuori hill and it ends at the Ukkopekka pedestrian bridge. The bridge also has a wonderful view over the bay and there are fishing piers in the middle of Raumakari islet. On the Naantali harbor side of the Kuparivuorentie road, you will find the city’s sports field and Naantali Camping’s camping site.

How to get to Kuparivuori hill?

The cliffs of Kuparivuori hill can be reached from the old town of Naantali via the Path of Love. There are no marked paths on the cliffs. Be careful when walking, the rocks are uneven in places.

On the Kuparivuorentie, on top of the hill, you will find a free parking area with access to the Path of Love and from there to the cliffs.

Kuparivuori parking area
Kuparivuorentie 2, 21100 Naantali