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Naantali old town

Old wooden houses in Naantali old town.

Explore the Naantali old town

Hattu, Isokarhu, Jeremias, Pusa, Humppi, Tymppi… In Naantali old town, every building has a name of its own.

Naantali Old Town and its glimmering sea contain experiences which form a history filled with love, spa life and people. Explore the Old Town’s buildings, narrow streets and unique charm. You will get a real feel of history, its people and stories by joining the Old Town walking tour.

“Now we will stop burning our cities and will build a wide street. It will be here and it will be called Isokatu (Great street), it will be this wide and fire safe and you have three days to deconstruct your houses and move them wherever you wish, but that street will be here.”

Free translation of Governor-General Per Brahe in 1600’s Naantali
A group in a guided tour in Old Town Naantali.

The guided tours in Naantali old town

Come along and explore the almost 600 years of history of Naantali. The guided walking tour in the Naantali old town takes place during the summertime. The guiding is in Finnish and is summarized in Swedish and English along the way. The guided tour in the old town takes one hour.

This tour is a great choice for those who are interested in the history of Finland and Naantali. During the tour one will hear interesting facts from the convent time all the way today’s Naantali.