Naantali is a popular travelling destination full of history and unique sights.

Things to do while in Naantali

Naantali is a destination where there are many interesting things to do, see and hear. The old convent town has seen an eventful life since the 15th century and there are many stories to be shared on Naantali guided tours. Naantali is also regarded as the summer capital of Finland and not without a reason – The president of Finland also spends their summer in Kultaranta summer residence.

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Guided tours in Naantali

Out of the many activities in Naantali, the guided tours are a great way to learn more about the rich past and the fascinating present of the town. You get to visit the various sights of Naantali with a guide either on foot or a group bus.

The guide will tell you more about the historic town, and the stories will take you on a journey. You will see the cultural history of the Old Town, Naantali Church and Kultaranta in a new light during the guided tour and afterwards.

Whether biking in the archipelago, exploring the Kultaranta Garden or simply spending time at your own pace…

Naantali has something to offer for the whole family. Hop on a bike and visit the attractions of Naantali or go for a relaxing walk on the gorgeous Rantaraitti pathway. You can also explore the depths of the Kultaranta Garden on Friday nights at your own pace.