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Drummer and the evening vesper

Drummer in old town Naantali.

The Drummer announces the evening vesper

“A busy day is again drawing to an end. The servants have done their chores, the master and the mistress of the household no longer need to watch over the workers and even the sun is going to bed. The Evening Vesper is played at 8 pm, please respect the moment and compose your thoughts.”

The Drummer

An old summer tradition in Naantali

Just before eight o’clock, the drummer, or “Trumputtaja” arrives at the corner of the Naantali Kaivohuone restaurant and begins drumming to a score dating back to the 19th century. The words and text heard along with the drumming are in an old form of Finnish from the time when drums were used to spread news. The people of the town quieten down to listen to the evening vespers as they hear the drums.

The evening vespers are played from the tower of the Naantali church every evening at 8pm from 1 June – 31 August. Vespers are played three times: once in the direction of the president; once in the direction of the town and once in the direction of the sea.