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A vacation in charming Naantali is full of things to see and experience. Dream, plan and make it happen!

Naantali is a vibrant city in South-West of Finland. The city enjoys the delights of the sea, archipelago, music and events throughout the year. The heart of Naantali is the charming old town and its guest harbour. One will always find time for dance, art and fun in Naantali. Make memories which will stay with you forever.

Iltakuva saaristoon puiden latvojen välistä.


The archipelago is near and easily reached from Naantali. It takes only a moment from Naantali old town. Naantali is a part of the Archipelago Trail which is a popular way to explore the island area. The Small Achipelago Trail takes one from Rymättylä to Nauvo and is also a popular cycling route. Get charmed by the archipelago – it is easy!

Aktiviteetteja saaristossa.


Explore the activities in Naantali and find the best things to do on your holiday. Here we have collected a great selection of sights and activities for you to choose from. Naantali offers something for everyone whether you are an activity seeker or want to roam cultural spots and the most significant sights of the area


Charming old town, gardens of Kultaranta – the summer residence of the president of Finland, history of the convent times, churches… Explore the sights in Naantali and learn more!


Naantali is visited by many travelling groups annually and the city has many things to offer for the visitors. Historically rich small city just stone’s throw away from the great Turku is full of unique visiting spots, intriguing guided tours and authentic local flavours.

Delicate beauty of Naantali

City holidays in Naantali are full of stories. Visitors have fallen in love, had fun with friends and family, been enchanted by the archipelago, relaxed with the idyllic services available and enjoyed time spent together. How about you? What would your story look like? Get inspired by the story of Naantali and learn where yours could begin.

The idyllic streets and alleys of the Old Town are perfect for starting your journey. Each building in the Old Town has its own name and history, all worth learning. The town is surrounded by cafés, restaurants and boutiques, one more beautiful than the other, where you can enjoy the atmosphere rich in culture and witness the delicate beauty of Naantali.

The charming atmosphere takes you on a journey through the Path of Love and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the breath of fresh summer air of the archipelago. Naantali is mystifyingly beautiful throughout the year, especially under sunlight. Your story could centre around various events, as the archipelago, the sea, culture and music are brought together in Naantali, the City of Sun. There is always something to do regardless of the day or time. The blue hour of the evening invites you to stay the night in one of the cosy B&B options or the naturally elegant hotels in Naantali. Allow your memorable stories to develop with time.