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To Hanka and back -cycling route | 5 hours

Vene ajelemassa Naantalin saaristossa puolipilvisenä kesäpäivänä.

To Hanka and back -cycling route | 5 hours

Hop on the saddle and take a day trip to the archipelago. In addition to the beautiful archipelago scenery, you’ll find interesting cultural attractions along the way.

Hankaan ja takaisin -pyöräilyreitin karttakuva.

Information about the cycle route

Length: approx. 68 km

Duration: 5 hours

Difficulty: Medium. The route goes over hilly terrain.

Tips: You don’t have to drive the route to the end, you can just visit Rymättylä or Röölä. On the other hand, you can easily continue from Hanga to Seili and/or Nauvo. An electric bike is an excellent choice for this hilly route.

Old Town – Särkänsalmi bridge

From Old Town go to Kuparivuori and pedal via the Ukko-Pekka bridge to the island of Luonnonmaa. From the bridge you have a magnificent view of the Naantali strait and the cliffs of Kuparivuori. After the Ukko-Pekka bridge, head towards the Luonnonmaa road to Kultaranta. At the junction of Rymättyläntie road and Luonnonmaantie road you will find a kiosk where you can pick up some food The cycle path runs right next to Kultaranta, the summer residence of the President of Finland. You can visit the castle garden in summer, but Kultaranta garden is closed for renovation in 2023 and 2024. Luonnonmaantie road is safe to drive on, as the cycle path passes through a tunnel under the busy Rymättyläntie road.

The route goes next to the Kultaranta golf course to the Kultaranta Resort, where you can enjoy a wide range of culinary delights, for example gourmet pizzas. Next there is a speedy descent to Porhonkallio beach, where you can take a dip in the sea or cool off with fresh refreshments at Porho Bar & Grill The journey continues across Särkänsalmi along a new cycle path. It is recommended to stop at the bridge to enjoy the stunning sea views and take some photos. At Särkkä island you can eat your own snacks or buy some at Särkkä Grill. Check the opening hours of Särkkä Grill:

Särkänsalmi bridge – Rymättylä church

After the bridge, go downhill to Otava Island. At the crossroads of Merimaskuntie, you switch to pedal along the car road. The road is narrow and steep, so concentrate carefully! Traffic is heavy, especially in summer. The cycle path starts again in Poiko, just after the restaurant Pohjakulma. Pohjakulma serves island delicacies in the former village school. Check the opening hours of Pohjakulma: The cycle path continues for about 3 km, and there is hardly a flat spot on this stretch. It’s up and down constanly. At the end of the cycle path, you’re back on Rymättyläntie road for a while. After descending to the shore of Lake Riiaistenjärvi, you soon turn onto Taipaleentie road. This idyllic village road leads you to the church of Rymättylä. On the village road section, a wide road is designated for walkers and cyclists, which is safe to ride.

The medieval stone church of Rymättylä is well worth a visit. The church, dedicated to St James, was built between the 1300s and 1400s. The church has magnificent wall and vault paintings. For more information: If you are already hungry Tuulisolmu café in the centre of Rymättylä offers savoury and sweet treats. They also offer a tasty home-cooked lunch. Check the lunch menu: Next door to Tuulisolmu is Rymiksen Mummola, whose hit product is pizzas named after the parish villages. See the menu:

Rymättylä – Röölä

From Rymättylä to Röölä is about four kilometres. The hilly road winds through the fields. Röölä has a long history, the village is mentioned in documents as early as the 15th century. Röölä was once an important herring port, and today it is home to the Herring Heritage Museum, the only one of its kind in Finland. For more information: In addition to the herring, Rymättylä is known for its early potatoes.

There is also a restaurant in the harbour, Röölänranta, which has a rich menu with something for every taste. Check the menu: From Röölä you can get to Seili and Nauvo by ferry. In mid-summer, there is a separate ferry for bicycles. Check the timetables:

Röölä – Hanka

A couple of kilometres after Röölä, you cycle to the Kirveenrauma bridge, built in 1999, leading to Airismaa. From the bridge, you have stunning views both to the east and west. To the east, the steeply sloping cliffs of Uutiskuuvanvuori stand out. Uutiskuuvanvuori is an ancient watchtower and an area of landscape, biological and geological importance. The mountain is an excellent hiking destination.

The terrain continues to be hilly and the section ends with a steep, 7% drop to the Hämmärönsalmi ferry. There is even a road sign warning of the descent. If you are planning to continue from Hanka to Seili or Nauvo, check the ferry timetable: and allow enough time for the last stage.

It is about five kilometres from the ferry shore to Hanka. The road narrows and crosses the countryside. You can see cows grazing and field flowers blooming everywhere to grace your journey. About 1.5 km before Hanka is Karhuvuori, reachable by a path. The route is clearly signposted. The mountain is home to an air control tower, which was used in the defence of Turku during the Winter and Continuation Wars. The current tower dates from the early 2000s. The mountain is worth climbing for the great views alone.

There is a connection from Hanka via Seili to Nauvo with a boat, Östern. Check the ferry timetable: There is a toilet and a waiting room in the harbour, where you can wait for the ferry even if it rains. Hanka is the turning point for this route, the return journey is the same way back. It’s worth saving your strength and snacks for the return journey.

You can also rent a suitable vehicle from Visit Naantali. Find out more about bike rental here!