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The Small Archipelago Trail by bicycle

The Small Archipelago Trail by bicycle

The small archipelago trail for biking is a unique experience for the active traveler. Finland’s unique and tranquil archipelago is a place where you can truly slow down. An interesting way to get to the archipelago, to smell the sea breeze and soothe the sun’s rays is to hop on a bicycle and head to the small archipelago trail.

This route is a little over 100 kilometers long and one can travel it in two directions, for example from Naantali via Seili Island to Nagu and through Turku all the way back to Naantali. Along the way, it’s worth stopping to enjoy the idyllic old town of Naantali.

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Bike rental in Naantali
Visit Naantali
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Kolme pyöräilijää rantalaiturilla. Kesäpäivä, sininen taivas.

Bike rental in Naantali

Rent a bike for a few hours or several days and explore Naantali and the magnificent archipelago. From the routes planned by Visit Naantali, choose the most suitable and pleasant for you. On these routes you can see the unique and diverse archipelago nature as well as the local culture when visiting the fascinating destinations along the routes.

The Small Archipelago Trail by bicycle

110 km / mixed terrain / 1-3 days

This beautiful biking rout shows you the thrilling views of seaside Naantali and the whole Finnish Archipelago. First section is from Naantali to Hanka (about 33km) and the second section is from Nagu back to Naantali (about 80km). There are some steeper up and down hills along the way but in general it is quite easy-going leg. There is one short distance ferry (5 min, free of charge) just before Hanka harbor. M/S Östern is going between Hanka and Nagu three times a day.

From Naantali to Rymättylä

The journey begins from Visit Naantali’s office located in the old town of Naantali. First the route goes via Rantakatu street until you turn to Rakkaudenpolku (Path of love, goes uphill). In Rantakatu street you can admire the seaside Naantali with its old wooden houses. Follow Rakkaudenpolku until you come to Kuparivuorentie road where you turn right and continue towards Ukkopekka bridges. You can also go to the Kuparivuori rocks and enjoy the unbelievable views towards Kultaranta Presidential Garden.

After the Ukkopekka bridge follow the biking lane across the Luonnonmaa island. You will pass by the Kultaranta Golf Resort where you can make a stop and look at the green fields and views while you enjoy coffee or refreshments at the terrace.

From there continue the way forward until it takes you to Rymättyläntie (road 189), (in the beginning of the Särkänsalmi bridge). You cross the bridge and turn right. There is a kiosk where you can also have snacks and refreshments. You can leave bikes there and take the path to the rocks.

Continue the road 189 towards Rymättylä village centre where you can have coffee or lunch or buy some snacks. Rymättylä granite church is one of the oldest in Finland, from 14th century.

From Rymättylä to Hanka

From Rymättylä centre you continue your way to Röölä harbour (about 3,4km). There is a Herring Museum Dikseli and a restaurant. From Röölä, it’s 5,3km to the first ferry, which takes only 5min to cross the inlet. From the other side, it is 5,4km to Hanka ferry harbor.

Before Hanka there is a nice lookout tower (Karhuvuori hill) where you can see the view over islands and have nice pictures. M/S Östern travels three times a day from Hanka to Nagu and the joyrney takes one hour.

From Nagu to Pargas

Upon arriving to Nagu you can spend some time depending if you are staying overnight or continuing onwards the same day. There is a beautiful beach boulevard with many shops, boutiques, restaurants and cafés.

When continuing the journey, you take heading towards Pargas and Turku. Follow the road (number 180) until you arrive to a ferry harbor (14,5km), ferry takes 5-10min. After crossing continue about 8km and you will arrive to Sattmark Café, which is local style place to have lunch or coffee.

The road continues to Pargas, there you can also have break and visit the town’s many restaurants and cafés. Pargas is famous for the lime stone mine lookout spot, which is located only 500m from the main road before Pargas centre.

From Pargas to Turku and Naantali

The road continues towards Turku and along the way you can make a stop by the Kuusisto Castle ruins. This will make some 12km roundtrip but it’s worth visiting there. The castle site has been one of the main headquarters in Finland hundreds of years ago.

When you come back to the main road follow it until you arrive to road number 110. That’s the old main road leading to Turku city centre. In Turku there are lots of things to experience like the old castle, cathedral, Turku old main square, Luostarinmäki museum etc. You can leave the bike to Turku or continue back to Naantali. It is still some 15km to go. From Aurajoki river you take street Koulukatu and follow it until you reach Naantali. There are signs showing you the biking way to Naantali.

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