Raisio – shopping and sights

Raisio is the shopping place that serves all of Southwest Finland. You’re sure to find everything you need at the Mylly Shopping Centre area, IKEA store and surrounding shops, all conveniently located along the ring road. The Raisiokeskus is located around the Raisio market square and a home to over 100 businesses, which offer interesting shopping opportunities.

Aside from shopping, Raisio is a great place for bird and boat spotting. Raisionlahti is an important resting spot for migrating birds. There is also a birdwatching tower nearby for visitors to see if they can spot any birds. Raisio has the largest harbour in Southwest Finland, and in addition to boat spotting, you will get a chance to admire the large ships being built in the shipyard.

Raisio also has lots of art and culture to offer, including archeological exhibitions and modern art at the Raisio Harkko Museum (in Finnish), Raisio’s library (in Finnish), the old Raisio Church and its thought-provoking Chapel of Light urn cemetary (www.raisionseurakunta.fi, in Finnish) and the Krookila Local History Centre (Krookilankuja 40, www.krookila.fi, in Finnish), where you’ll find a summer theatre, a tasty lunch buffet, smoke sauna and lots of vintage Arabia tableware.

Further information on Raisio and events in Raisio can be found at www.raisio.fi.