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Boutique Hotel Amandis

Fabulous boutique hotel Amandis on the Naantali shore

Boutique Hotel Amandis is a small six-room hotel on the shore of Naantali, between the sea and the church. Each room has a sea view either from the room or from the terrace.

The rooms are located in the same courtyard as the café-restaurant Amandis, known for the best waffles in the world.

When you’re a guest at Amandis, you’ll have a good sleep in a magnificent atmosphere because all the rooms are equipped with high-quality Unikulma beds. The rooms are also uniquely decorated, and each room has its own story – you’ll hear the story of the room when you arrive at Amandis.

On the room’s patio, you can watch the sea and enjoy the atmosphere on the shore of Naantali.

Accessibility and environmental values at Amandis

Amandis facilities are accessible, but there is no accessible toilet as such.

Amandis is committed to sustainable development in its operations. Sustainable development and the environment are taken into account at Amandis by sorting waste according to guidelines. In addition, we use eco-labelled detergents and soaps, and we aim to save energy and reduce food waste in all our operations. The environmental values of Amandis are, in particular, sustainable tourism and the use of local products and services. We make efforts to support continuous development in the midst of societal changes, and our goal is to secure good living opportunities for future generations.

How about the best waffles in the world?

Amandis’s waffles, fully handmade from start to finish are an irresistible delicacy, and you can choose between sweet and savoury fillings. In the summer, you can enjoy cool drinks, and in the winter, you can warm up with a nice, steaming cup of your favourite beverage. We also serve Amandis’s archipelago salmon soup in the winter, and game soup during game season.