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Mallassepät | Taproom TAKOMO

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Mallassepät – handicraft beer from Naantali since 2018

Naantali-based microbrewery Mallassepät and taproom TAKOMO are successful projects of passionate beer enthusiasts Jaakko Hartemaa and Kim Ketonen. They have created a place to Lietsalantie that is born out of a deep interest in beer making, tasting and brewing.

The team of 7 maltsters produces around 120 000 litres of top quality beer every year. Mallassepät is particularly renowned for its excellent IPAs, but also offers a wide range of other beer styles, from the latest trends to traditional flavours. Sour beers also feature strongly in production. In addition, Mallassepät has launched barrel-aged beers and Sahti traditional beverages in cans. Mallassepät’s products can be purchased from their own online shop or store, as well as from some grocery stores and Alko.

You can order beers from Mallassepät with your own labels or rent tap equipment for your own parties.

Taproom TAKOMO -anniskeluravintolan tiski sekä tunnelmavalaistus.

Mallassepät Taproom TAKOMO

The brewery has a shop and a Taproom TAKOMO restaurant, which opened in January 2024, where you can enjoy quality beers and other drinks from craft ciders to a variety of drinks in a cosy environment. During the summer months, the brewery also has a terrace. Pets are also welcome.

The shop and taproom TAKOMO are located at street level, so there is barrier-free access.

The brewery organises open brewery tours on the first Friday of every month, giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the secrets of beer making. In addition, the brewery organises various events about once a month throughout the year.

Welcome to enjoy quality beers and a unique brewing experience!

Mallassepät and environmental values

Mallassepät is committed to promoting sustainable development and minimising its environmental footprint through innovative solutions and responsible practices. Technical and production solutions save electricity and water, which are key resources in the processes. Bio-waste is diverted to a gas production plant and to local horse stables, so that Mallassepät can contribute to local environmentally friendly recycling. Mallassepät strictly complies with all environmental laws and regulations to ensure sustainable operations.