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Restaurant Merisali

Restaurant Merisali is a legendary summer restaurant in Naantali

Restaurant Merisali and its large, roofed terrace welcome you to enjoy the Naantali summer.

Merisali offers the most delicious pizza by the sea, in addition to a pleasant atmosphere. Located directly in the heart of Naantali Old Town, the building deserves its place among the bucket list destinations of every summer traveller.

The terrace of Merisali is an ideal place to observe and enjoy the buzz on the pier and life of the guest harbour. If you want to enjoy the unique atmosphere of Naantali right by the sea, look no further.

The restaurant is located in the banquet salon of the old Naantali spa, and the building was originally opened in 1899. The beautiful interior of the restaurant is truly worth seeing, and you can catch a whiff of the old times on your visit. Merisali serves you from spring to the end of September from morning to late evening.

You can find the opening hours of Merisali on the restaurant’s website.

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Accessibility at Merisali

Restaurant Merisali is located in a historical and old wooden building, and it does not have an accessible entrance. The building can be entered with the help of the staff and an assistant. Please inform the restaurant in advance if you have a need for assistance so the staff can come and help when you arrive.

The restaurant does not have a separate accessible toilet, but the regular toilet can be entered in a wheelchair. The nearest accessible toilet can be found in the public toilets (200 metres from the restaurant).