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Cafe Kirkkopuisto – summer café

Cafe Kirkkopuisto offers delicacies in the inner yard of Tuulensuoja

Cafe Kirkkopuisto summer café provides a refreshing break on a summer day. Our selection includes cooling drinks, ice creams, savoury snacks and everything else you might need for a relaxing coffee break, not forgetting Sunborn Bakery’s own pastries. The summer café is open every day from the middle of June 9.00–20.00

The summer café is located in the sheltered inner yard of the red Tuulensuoja building close to the shore. The yard is surrounded by various shops and tourist information.

There is a shoreline parking area and a bus stop near the summer café, where you can find the buses heading to Moominworld. Indeed, the summer café is a perfect resting place during your daytrip to Naantali or just before heading home.

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Accessibility at the Cafe Kirkkopuisto

Summer cafe, located in the inner yard of the Tuulensuoja building, is accessible. The terrace seats are on a tiled yard, and the café has no indoor seating. Ordering is done through a kiosk window, and if necessary, staff will serve orders directly to your table.

Public toilets can be found in the vicinity of the café. The nearest accessible toilet is next to the café.

Cafe Kirkkopuisto
Nunnakatu 2, 21100 Naantali