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Tammiston Kuulas restaurant

Tammiston Kuulas -ravintolan puuhiiligrilli, jossa kokki paistaa lihaa ja vihanneksia.

Tammiston Kuulas

The story of the Tammiston Kuulas restaurant began over a hundred years ago, when the main building of the former Tammisto farm was built and apple trees were planted in the garden. A magnificent 50-seat terrace was built in the backyard on the south side of the house, next to the apple orchard, in spring 2021.

The terrace restaurant is accessible to all.

Tammiston Kuulas -ravintolan herkullinen grillattu liha-annos kauniisti lautaselle aseteltuna.

Tammiston Kuulas is an everyday experience and pleasure

The heart of the terrace restaurant is the charcoal grill, where casual but high-quality food is prepared from local ingredients. Under the apple tree you can spread a rag mat and sit down to enjoy Katri Tätilä’s coffeebuffet delicacies, a high-quality cocktail or the famous pre-ordered picnic basket, which was chosen as Finland’s best food tourism product in 2023.

The unique atmosphere is created by old Finnish pop music from the 40s and 60s playing through the speakers, the smells wafting from the charcoal barbecue and the sheep grazing on the edge of the garden. In case of rain, Tammisto has beautiful, atmospheric interiors in the halls of the 100-year-old manor house.

Tammisto Kuulas focuses on carefully selected, experiential products – whether it’s a restaurant chair, a cup of coffee or background music. The details create a whole that you won’t experience anywhere else.

Stay in unique accommodation in Tammisto

Tammiston B&B offers memorable accommodation in a manor-style building surrounded by a nearly 100-year-old apple orchard, restored with love and respect for the old. The farm’s history is reflected in its stories and products – breakfast is served with the farm’s own produce, including apple orchard juice and rolls baked with the same recipe for over 30 years.

Accommodation is available during the summer season from the beginning of May to the end of August.

The Tammisto accommodation service also offers cottages, townhouses, Matkaparkki and even a private island for rent.

Tammiston B&B:n majoitushuone, joka on sisustettu vanhoilla huonekaluilla sekä vaalean vihreillä sävyillä.