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Louhisaari Manor Café

Louhisaari Manor Café is a popular lunch café in Askainen

Louhisaari Manor Café is situated at an important cultural site next to Louhisaari Manor. On weekdays, a buffet lunch is served including a salad bar, a warm meal, dessert and coffee. A more festive and traditional banquet of the region is served on Sundays. The festive banquet is topped off with a delicious berry meringue cake.

Louhisaari has its own traditional drink made from blackcurrant leaves. The traditional Louhisaari drink is made with the recipe of Helene Mannerheim, the mother of C.G.E. Mannerheim, a Finnish military leader and statesman. The drink is prepared in the Manor Café, and you can enjoy it by the glass or buy a bottle.

The café also serves delicious pastries with coffee and tea. The pastries too are made in the café. In addition to the popular sweet buns and doughnuts, visitors can find a varying selection of tasty cakes, pies, pizzas, bread rolls and sandwiches.

Manor Café also has a small gift corner with a wide range of products, where you might find something special to decorate your home with.

From June to August, visitors can stay the night in a proper farm setting. Louhisaari offers accommodation in the old farmhands’ quarters, which have a shared toilet and shower facilities. You can also stay in the newer yellow building, which is equipped with all the necessary conveniences. Reservations and inquiries can be made by phone or email.

Louhisaari Manor Café is open daily 10.30– 17.00. from Mother’s Day (second Sunday in May) to the end of August, when the buffet lunch is served 12.00–15.00. At other times, the café is open by appointment. You can find more information on the website of Louhisaari Manor Café. We welcome you to come and explore!

Louhisaaren kartanon kahvilan siniset pariovet ulkoapäin. Oven molemmilla puolilla juhannuskoivut. Punainen seinä ja kiviset rappuset ovelle.

Accessibility at Louhisaari Manor Café

Manor Café is located on the ground floor and has an accessible entrance. The café and its yard can be reached by car, and the parking lot is located a few tens of meters away. The road from the parking lot to the café is paved.

The toilet facilities of the restaurant can be accessed in a wheelchair. The toilet has a grab bar to ease transition. Entering the toilet with a wheelchair or walker is easy.

Guide dogs are always welcome at Louhisaari Manor Café.

Korissa vaaleaa ja tummaa leipää viipaloituna.

Louhisaari Manor Café and responsibility

Manor Café aims to utilise locally produced food as much as possible. Burnable waste, metal, glass and bio-waste are sorted separately.

All delicacies served in the café are prepared in our kitchen.

Nature is everything to us, as it provides us with our livelihood.