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Sights in Lemu

The Lemu Church Monnoistentie 22, 21230 Masku (Lemu) The medieval greystone church is dedicated to St. Olav and was built […]

Sights in Rymättylä

Sights in Rymättylä – beautiful scenery and a historic environment Rymättylä allows you to enjoy the beauty of the archipelago […]

Sights in Velkua

Sights in Velkua The island of Palva holds St. Henry’s Church, as well as an exhibition and a monument dedicated […]

Sights in Merimasku

Sights in Merimasku Merimasku is located 10 km from Naantali central. When travelling from Naantali, one will go over the […]

Sights in Masku

Sights in Masku – visit the birthplace of Mannerheim In Masku, the Louhisaari Manor, the Church of Askainen, Knights’ Park […]

Sights in Askainen

Sights in Askainen Askainen enjoys its worthy history. The Louhisaari Manor – the birthplace of Marshal Mannerheim – and the […]

Sights in Raisio

Raisio – shopping and sights Raisio is the shopping place that serves all of Southwest Finland. You’re sure to find […]


Unique places of interest in Naantali The charming old town, Kultaranta – the summer residence of the president of Finland, […]

Rymättylä Pharmacy

Pharmacy in Rymättylä Visitors can find Rymättylä Pharmacy in Rymättylä village centre. The pharmacy is a branch pharmacy of Naantali […]


Finnlines – Relaxing ferry trips to Sweden and Åland Finnlines’ freight-passenger ferries take you from Naantali to Kapellskär, Sweden and […]