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Cycling route from Naantali to Askainen / 3-6 hours

Cycling route from Naantali to Askainen

The cycling route from Naantali to Askainen is a good option for active travelers. The route is about 50 kilometres long and has cultural attractions as well as stunning archipelago scenery.

50 km cycling route in the vicinity of Naantali

Naantali and the surrounding area offer varied cycling routes in rural and archipelago scenery. This 50-kilometer cycling route is mixed terrain and it is a great way to enjoy a 3-6 hours in the vicinity of Naantali. Also check out the shorter cycling routes in Luonnonmaa island.

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50 km / mixed terrain / 3-6 h

This route is interesting combination of seaside views and farm-field landscapes. In one day you will see the variety of Naantali and surrounding villages on your own pace. Route is not difficult but some up and down hills occur. You can stop in many interesting places along the way. There is a little list for that:

Route description

This beautiful biking route shows you thrilling views of seaside Naantali. Route is about 50km long one way with various up and down hills. The route starts from Visit Naantali’s office located in the old town, where you can rent a bicycle for a few hours or days.

Naantali to Kultaranta Resort

First the route goes via Rantakatu street which you continue until left (and almost immediately right) turn to Rakkaudenpolku (Path of love, goes uphill). On Rantakatu street you can admire the seaside Naantali with old wooden houses along the beach front. You follow Rakkaudenpolku pathway until you come to Kuparivuorentie road where you turn right and continue towards Ukkopekka bridge. You can also go to the Kuparivuori rocks and catch the unbelievable views towards Kultaranta Presidential Garden. This is also a good place to have a picnic if you have time, not forgetting the most beautiful sunsets in the archipelago.

After the bridge you continue about 200 metres and turn right to Luonnonmaantie road. Follow the bicycle lane until you arrive to Kultaranta Golf Resort. You can look at the green fields and views while you enjoy coffee or refreshments at the Heineken House’s terrace.

Kultaranta Resort to Merimasku

From Kultaranta Resort you continue the way forward until it takes you to Rymättyläntie (road 189), (in the beginning of the Särkänsalmi bridge, steep uphill leading to this point). You cross the bridge and turn right (on a small island). There is a kiosk where you can also have snacks and refreshments. Take a walk to the rocks, there is a path starting from kiosk and enjoy the beautiful scenery from between the rocks and trees.

When continuing again from the island you go few hundred meters and turn right to Merimaskuntie (road 1930, 27km to go from this point). You will pass by a small grocery strore, elementary school of Merimasku on the left side two km’s ahead, after that you arrive to Merimasku Kirkonsalmi bridge. Just before the bridge the road turns left to Merimasku village centre where you will find the sixth oldest wooden church still in use in Finland. There are also two restaurants at the beach front.

Merimasku to Askainen

When you continue and cycle across the bridge, you follow until you arrive to crossroad where you turn right. This way you continue about 4,3km, then the road name changes to Askaistentie but you keep going straight.

Before you arrive to Askainen village centre there is a sign on left side to Louhisaari Manor. They have guided tours at summertime in the old manor house. The sight is worth visiting for, prepare to stay at least one hour.

Askainen to Naantali

After Askainen village centre you turn right to road 1900. You continue this way until you come crossroad with road 192. There you turn again right and follow the main road about 4,5km. Then right turn to Lietsalantie (1893).

You go that road about 5,3km and turn right on roundabout (***optional). After 1,6km there is cozy and local style restaurant named Naantalin Metsätähti, where you can have a lunch or coffee break. After that you take Soinistentie road to left and go some 1,8km and turn right to Pirttiluodontie road. With this road you will follow the shoreline with beautiful seaside views until you come back to Naantali guest harbor and old town.

***OPTIONALLY you can go straight on that roundabout and continue until you come next roundabout where you turn right to Aurinkotie. Then you just follow the way until you turn right to Tuulensuunkatu at Naantali centre. You go this road till the end and turn left to Maariankatu. There is a downhill and you are at the old town of Naantali and see Visit Naantali office (red wooden building) on the right side.

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Kolme pyöräilijää katsoo merimaisemaa sillalta.

Bike rental in Naantali

Rent a bike for a few hours or several days and explore Naantali and the magnificent archipelago. From the routes planned by Visit Naantali, choose the most suitable and pleasant for you. On these routes you can see the unique and diverse archipelago nature as well as the local culture when visiting the fascinating destinations along the routes.