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Old town guided walking tour

A group in a guided tour in Old Town Naantali.

Thousands of stories by the old houses…

Did you know that all the houses in the old town have their own name? Or do you guess where the old sea bay stretched towards the area where Naantali’s center is now situated? Might the names Sillankorva (“The corner of the bridge”) and Sillapää (“The end of the bridge”) give any clue…

The guided tour in Naantali old town

The old town of Naantali is famous in Finland. It is known for its picturesque milieu, old wooden houses, winding streets and enchanting stories. History, romantic setting and local specialities create a unique destination worth the visit!

Naantali’s special characteristic is its setting by the sea. The story of Naantali began already in 1443 when a convent was decided to be built at the site. Nowadays only the convent church remains from those times and it is one of the most well-known landmarks in Naantali. The old town spreads next to the church and is cradled by the sea. A visit to the Naantali old town is like stepping back in time.

Stories from the past

When the convent was founded it created a small village called Vallis Gratiae “Valley of Mercy”. The name in the ancient Swedish was Nadhendaal (nowadays Nådendal) and in Finnish it was formed as Naantali. This was the beginning of the story of the colourful small town. During the guided walk in the old town one will hear about the famous “Sun of Naantali”, the times of the health spring and clay spa, the peculiar inhabitants of the past, special ginger bread cookies and historical person “Tokka-Lotta”.

Come along and explore the almost 600 years of history. The guiding is in Finnish and is summarized in Swedish and English along the way. The guided tour in the old town takes one hour.

This tour is a great choice for those who are interested in the history of Finland and Naantali. During the tour one will hear interesting facts from the convent time all the way today’s Naantali.

Ryhmä Vanhassakaupungissa oppaan kertoessa Vanhankaupungin historiasta.

Tour times and tickets

Guided tours are organised as regular visits only during the summer season. However, it is also possible to book a private tour for groups of all sizes throughout the year.

Additional information and reservations from Visit Naantali at

Ryhmä tutustumassa Naantalin Vanhankaupungin rakennuksiin oppaan johdolla.

Private tours in Naantali

Naantali holds many things to see and experience for the culture lovers. Book a memorable tour for your group in one of the Naantali’s galleries, artists’ studios, Axel Haartman’s residence or in Naantali church.

More information and bookings via Visit Naantali tel. +358 (0)2 435 9800 or