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Moominworld 2022

From 31€ / person

Tickets always cheaper online. Children under 2 years for free

Opening times 11-30 June. at 11-17, 1.-31 July at 10.30-18 and 1.-21 Aug at 11-17

Welcome to celebrate Moominworld´s 30th Anniversary!

Moominworld is a theme park based on beloved stories by author Tove Jansson. Nature near island is next to old town of Naantali only two hours from Helsinki. Blueberry blue Moominhouse in five storages is waiting for the guests. There are lovely nature paths around the Moominvalley where you can find exiting things. Theater Emma and The Small Stage are full of program with Moomin family and friends. In Snork´s Inventionpark you can find puppet theatre and Snork´s funny inventions.

New summer season has lot to offer! Hattfatteners have a brand new cave. You can enter to the Witch house and find out her magical broom collection. Hemulen´s wonderful flowerbench is in full bloom and you can help him watering the flowers.

Moominworld´s own restaurant Mamma´s Kitchen has corners for every taste. If you like Hattifatteners you can choose Hattifatteners table or enjoy lunch in Snorkmaidens salon.

There are several delicasies from Fillyfjonk´s Waffle to Little My´s Candy. From Sniff´s shop and Moomin shop in old town of Naantali you´ll find lot of lovely Moomin products to bring home. In the old town is also The Peculiar café and teahouse with tasty cakes and bakery.

The Moominworld mobile app is your personal guide during your visit. You´ll become Moominworld Family friend and you can register the magic bracelet for personal experiences in Moominhouse, Witch´s house and Snork´s inventionpark. You will also have access to various benefits and you can use the app to order food and services.

Did you know?

Since 2021 the City of Naantali has been titled as the official hometown of Moominworld.

This is a joy for a city, where Moominworld has continued to thrill visitors for many generations!