Boutique Wanha Naantali Kauppa

Nostalgic souvenirs and gifts in Naantali

Boutique Wanha Naantali Kauppa is a nostalgic boutique in the Old Town that offers an extensive selection of postcards and stamps, souvenirs and gifts, traditional sweets and lemonade as well as nostalgic Christmas decorations. A definite must-see for any Disney, Marilyn and Elvis collectors visiting Naantali!

In addition to the online store, NostalgiaShop has two shops: Wanha Naantali Kauppa, established in Naantali in 1998, and Wanha Turku Kauppa, established in Turku Market Hall in 2003. The aim of NostalgiaShop is to find and sell items that bring nostalgia and joy to customers.

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Opening hours of Wanha Naantali Kauppa

Saturdays 10-16 in winter.

In summer, every day 11.00–16.00
In midsummer, every day 10.00–18.00

Wanha Naantali Kauppa online store

Pienen Titanic näyttelyn vitriinissä White Star Linen kolme lautasta ja teekuppeja. Keskimmäinen lautaunen on sinivalkoisia ja kukkakoristeellisia.

Small Titanic exhibition

Wanha Naantali Kauppa is full of curiosities, including a small Titanic exhibition. The shop showcases stunning Titanic themed collectibles.

Some of the collectibles are copies or replicas of items that were on the maiden voyage of Titanic, while some were used as props in the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

Some Titanic-themed items are also for sale in the shop. The exhibition is ongoing, so you can visit it during the shop’s opening hours.

We are also open on reservation for groups and private parties.

We welcome you to come and explore!