Promenade Boutique

Promenade Boutique – Promenade Boutique at Naantali Spa

Promenade Boutique is located at Naantali Spa. The boutique offers an extensive selection of design clothing, garments, jewellery and gifts. Our expert and friendly staff is at your service every day of the year.

We also sell tickets to concerts at the Naantalin Kaivohuone, among other things.

Our selection includes, for example, the following brands:

For women: Gant Women, Singature, Jensen, Hegler Fashion

For men: Gant Men, Lindbergh

We also sell home decor items of Amanda B. Get to know Promenade Boutique’s selection better on the website of Naantali Spa.

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Naantalin Kylpylän käytävä ja Promenade-myymälän näyteikkuna.

Accessibility at Promenade Boutique

Promenade Boutique is located at Naantali Spa, which has a fully accessible entrance. Accessible toilets can be found on the first floor and the P floor.

The hotel has an accessible entrance and the hotel also offers accessible rooms that are practical and easy to move around in. The accessible rooms are located in the main building of the Spa.

Naantali Spa ilmakuva iltahämärässä ja valaistuna.

Naantali Spa and responsibility

Environmental issues and sustainable development are essential in the operations of Sunborn Saga Oy. The company is committed to Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland programme and has applied for the international Green Key environmental programme.

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