Unikeko Shop

Unikeko Shop by the sea in Naantali Old Town.

Unikeko Shop is a lovely boutique offering quality Finnish delicacies and products for your home, summer cottage and boat. The boutique has a wide range of local products from Naantali, and it is open year-round.

The selection includes Unikeko candies, cocoa, coffee and Uuno Unikeko puzzles, among other things. The Unikeko duvet cover sets made by Finlayson are also only sold by us.

Local specialities and highlights

Welcome to the lovely Unikeko Shop by the sea in Naantali Old Town! You can find the opening hours on the Facebook page or website of Unikeko Shop.

Unikeko Shopin kahvipakkaus ja karkkiunipillereitä pöydällä.

Unikeko Shop and responsibility

Unikeko Shop’s selection includes many locally made products and delicacies as well as products made from recycled material.

The story of Unikeko Shop – Napping in Naantali

Unikeko (‘a sleepyhead’ in Finnish) is an adorable dormouse with a fluffy tail who can sleep up to 20 hours a day. So when Uuno Unikeko decided to take a nap in the soft and spacious pocket of a coat lying on a park bench, it was a day like any other. Little did he know that this sweet nap would take him on a great adventure: when he woke up, Uuno realized that he had travelled far north, all the way to Naantali Finland.

In his new home town, Uuno made friends with Sippe Silakka and Möyhö-Mauno and made a home out of an abandoned birdhouse. You might one day learn more about the adventures of Uuno and his friends in the Uuno Unikeko books. Uuno also brightens our day in puzzles, among other things.

Seven Sleepers’ Day and sleepyheads

When Uuno arrived in Naantali, he was unaware of the long sleepyhead traditions of the town: the carnival festivities of the spa town have woken up numerous sleepyheads since the 19th century. Nowadays, the national Sleepy Head is elected every year in Naantali. They are thrown into the sea accompanied by great festivities first thing in the morning on July 27. Uuno is yet to witness this event, as he likes to sleep in a bit too much.

Read more about Sleepy Head Day Festival (in Finnish).

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