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Restaurant Kuulas Garden Grill & Cafe

Charcoal grill is the heart of the terrace restaurant Kuulas Garden Grill & Cafe

Kuulas Garden Grill & Cafe is a sunny terrace restaurant of Tammisto B&B that centres around its charcoal grill. Located in the shade of a 100-year-old apple garden, the restaurant offers a perfect setting for enjoying refreshing drinks, tasty food and why not a picnic. The summer sheep are happy to receive some pets by the garden.

The story of Kuulas can be traced back to early 1900s, when the Tammisto farmhouse was built and apple trees were planted in the garden. In spring 2021, a gorgeous, 35-seat terrace was built on the sunny southern side backyard close to the apple garden. We invest in carefully selected, memorable products in everything we do, whether it is the restaurant chair, the coffee mug or the ambient music.

The food philosophy of Kuulas is built around the charcoal grill on the terrace – simple, skilfully crafted food from quality ingredients that will please even the most demanding epicure and their families. Apple is subtly featured throughout the menu. Kuulas is an experience for everyday life, an enjoyment that you deserve.

You can find the opening hours on the website of Kuulas.

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Tammiston majoituspalvelun keltainen julkisivu kesällä.

Accessibility at Kuulas Garden Grill & Cafe

Kuulas Garden Grill & Cafe, the terrace restaurant of Tammisto B&B, is accessible. There is direct access from the parking lot to the restaurant along a 20-metre-long gravel road, and the terrace is tiled. The delicacies can also be enjoyed on the lawn of the apple garden, and sitting pads can be borrowed from the terrace.

Toilets are located in the main building of Tammisto, but they do not have an accessible entry.

Tammiston Kuulas-ravintolan kasvisannos lautasella.

Kuulas and responsibility

Kuulas Garden Grill & Cafe is headed by the renowned chef Anu Vaissi-Harismaa. Anu’s food philosophy respects authentic flavours, harvest seasons and locally produced ingredients, which can be seen (and tasted) in the menu. The Kuulas menu includes the names of the local producers who provide the restaurant with delicacies, such as the meats, herrings and vegetables, and the staff will gladly tell you more about where the food comes from.

In addition, the distinctive ceramic plates of Terraviiva and Munkaa Design used in Kuulas are local design and made in Finland.