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Sports and Outdoor Activities in Naantali

Sports and Outdoor Activities in Naantali

Naantali provides excellent facilities for sports and hiking. The area’s terrain and top sports companies offer visitors and residents the opportunity to enjoy sports and outdoor activities all year round.


The beaches of Nunnalahti, Taimo, Naantali Spa, Porhonkallio, Kyläranta and Lappalaistenmäki are in Naantali. There is also a beach in Kailo Island.  Merimasku’s beaches are located in Apaja. Rymättylä has beaches of Poikko and Maskulaisentie road. The Velkua beach is located in front of the Sinervo house.

Children’s playgrounds

Children’s playgrounds in Naantali are situated on Abbedissankatu, in Myllymäki and Luostarinkatu street. Playgrounds in Rymättylä are located on Maskulantie road, in the centre and in the Taipale residential area. The Järvensuu and Hellemaa playgrounds are located in Merimasku. There is also a small playground in Teersalo, Velkua.

Dog parks and a beach for pets

The dog parks in Naantali are at the end of Myllykiventie (fence height 120cm), on Marjapolku street in Karvetti (150cm), Kärkölänpolku street in Luonnonmaa (200cm), and in a park area by Soinistentie street (120cm). A beach in Soininen is reserved for pets.

Nature trails and recreational tracks

Kultaranta Resort’s 80-hectare recreational area, with its nature trails, is located on Luonnonmaa. Map of the new nature trail of Kultaranta Resort (in Finnish). There is also 1.6km of illuminated running tracks with a lean-to situated 800m from a training centre. Suovuori has 4km of illuminated running tracks while Merimasku has 2.2km and Rymättylä has 1.5km of running tracks.


In summertime, tennis is played on the idyllic island of Kailo and near the church park on brick-dust courts maintained by the town of Naantali. Courts can be booked at the Nunnalahti kiosk in the summertime 10am-8pm or at (in Finnish). You can also play tennis on the court at the Naantali Spa Hotel garden, reservations tel. +358 2 44 550.


A game of minigolf at the Naantali Spa Hotel is a fun way to spend time with your friends or family. After the game you can stop by TK’s restaurant for dinner and to review the scores. Open during the summer. Contact the reception with any enquiries, tel. +358 2 44 550.

Kirkkopuisto Park

Next to the Naantali monastery church is a wonderful Kirkkopuisto (church park), which serves as a meeting place in the summer. Footpaths cut through this peaceful area and there are benches in many places, so it’s a good place to stay and admire the historical surroundings. In the summer, many events are organized for both music and sports lovers. There is an old pavilion in the middle of the park, where you can take shelter when it rains. During musical events, the pavilion serves as a performance stage. Kirkkopuisto is a great place for picnic lovers as well.