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Archipelago Hotel Vaihela

Cosy archipelago accommodation

The Archipelago Hotel Vaihela is located on the island of Velkuanmaa in Velkua, Naantali. Driving takes ca. 30 minutes from Naantali to Teersalo. Before entering Velkuanmaa there are two 5 minute’s ferry journeys.

Vaihela is a 150 years old farm, in which there are nowadays two restaurant premises and hotel Halssi with 11 double rooms.

A day of accommodation begins at 2 pm and ends on the day of checking out at 12 o’clock noon.

Double rooms

Two separate beds, own shower and toilet. No tv, in Vaihela you enjoy the archipelago views and nature as well as you listen to birds. All the rooms are different, six of them have balcony towards the sea and five of them have patio towards forest.

Archipelago hotel Vaihela | 2 person rooms

Hotel accommodation in Naantali archipelago in Velkua. Two local ferries take you to the archipelago getaway!


135 €/night

More information about prices
  • Open durin summertime: 135 €/vrk
  • Breakfast included
  • Pets allowed, extra cost 10 €/night.

Bookings and more information

You can book Archipelago Hotel Vaihela’s double room at Visit Naantali webshop when it suits you the best. You can also make the reservation by calling tel. +358 (0)2 4359800 or email

If the calendar shows fully booked and there is less than three days to your arrival, please contact Visit Naatnali directly.